Lets create positive change.

we work for Economic & Social Justice.

About Us

Tiljala Human Resource Development Centre strives to build community leaders. The Centre will be partnering with Tiljala SHED in order to positively impact the lives of the ragpicker community Tiljala SHED supports.

The main focus will be to train women and children on human resources skills and build capacities of each of this groups so they can feel empowered to enact positive change.

The Centre will hold a drive for registered volunteers who can dedicate three days a week to teach women and children the skills they need to be excellent within the human resources paradigm. The primary goal is to spread positivity within the community. A secondary but just as important goal is to ensure reduced instances of child marriage and child labour.

This organization works with Tiljala SHED and other like-minded grassroot organizations with the mission to achieve economic and academic equality and social justice for all.

We love to help people and make a positive impact.

Our Values

Foster leadership

Be resilient

Enact change

Spread positivity

Support Our Causes

Women & Childcare Project
We work with women and children to develop skills in leadership, communication and mentoring.
Handicrafts & livelihood projects
Our handicrafts and livelihood projects enable women to earn and sustain themselves

We are on a mission to achieve economic and academic equality and social justice for all.


Beneficiaries Impacted

Our Angel Testimonials

This amazing NGO has changed the lives of more people than one can imagine and they never flag in their efforts to help the poor, the displaced, the illiterate and the forgotten people; the ones society would rather turn their heads from and not think of.
Lee-Alison SibleyEducator, Writer, Performer