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Internship Opportunities

We are offering internship opportunities for individuals are skilled at fundraising and can collect donations for projects we serve. Please contact for more information. International Volunteers seeking to work in an active non profit in Kolkata may also contact us. Tiljala HRDC finds relevant social organizations and companies for volunteering opportunities. We charge nominal fees at registration for each volunteer. Volunteers are responsible for arranging their travel, food and housing. Tiljala HRDC can help you in finding accommodation and can act as a mediator.

Online Internship Program

Online Internship Program: National and International Volunteers seeking a social work certificate/work and leadership experience/social credits may work online for the organization for minimum of 3 months. The responsibilities of volunteers include, but are not limited to –
• Grants Proposal Writing
• Developing tools/software for easing the work of the organization (Data Maintenance)
• Strategic Planning for the organization
• Online Fundraising
• Partnering with potential donors for the organization
• Social Media Publicity • Making short documentaries
"The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to"
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