“Education means 'to understand the why of everything”

What we do?


-Teach English, Maths and Science
-Develop skills in leadership, communication, organization and work ethics


-Teach handicraft, embroidery and hand tailoring projects and how to sell them on an online platform.
-Capacity building
-Develop skills in leadership, communication, conflict management, creativity, problem solving, and mentoring

Handicrafts & Livelihood

By teaching members of the Tiljala SHED organization how to make handicrafts, we are enabling them to be creative. We also want them to learn another important skillset – online sales. We will set up an online platform where we will sell their handicraft projects. In the process they will learn how to set prices, market their product, package it, and finally ship and deliver in exchange for proceeds which will be distributed to fund Tiljala SHED’s programs.